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Sold under the brand name Superberries, products featuring aronia berries include juice concentrate, gummy snacks and fresh frozen berries that can be ordered online at Order fulfillment services for the aronia berry products are now performed from the Fairbury Foods corporate cility. We are always looking for ways to stay competitive and increase market share for our products. Aronia berries are grown in southeastern Nebraska and northeastern Kansas, them a locallygrown commodity that is not only good for you but also good for our economy, according to Schacht.

The future of the Fairbury Foods cility relies, in part, on acquisitions and new opportunities, one being the production and distribution of new food products, according to Ron Schacht, VP of Operations. Westin has now partnered with Kenny Sailors of Omaha to form the companys newest ision, Maes Health Wellness, featuring products made from the aronia berry black chokeberries. Aronia berries, known as natures healer and protector, are taking center stage as the superfruit with the highest concentration of antioxidants of any fruit, more than blackberries or cranberries.

Now in its th year, Fairbury Foods cooks up nearly , lbs of bacon each day and produces real bacon bits and pieces for wholesale and retail sale. The bacon bits produced in the Fairbury plant can be found on the shelves of the nations largest grocery outlets under several different brand names. Real bacon bits are also packaged and sold in bulk to the foodservice industry and can be found on restaurant salad bars and as a topping for pizza. As one of the nations largest producers of real bacon bits, chances are strong that youve eaten either bacon bits or pieces that were produced in the Fairbury cility.

Fairbury Foods Makin Bacon Since

The intoxicating smell of bacon frying wafts through Fairburys downtown historic district each morning as commuters are headed to work. Feaster Foods, a ision ofWestin Packaged Meats, and still referred to by locals and natives as Fairbury Foods cooks up millions of pounds real bacon each year to produce Real Bacon Bits, a Fairbury tradition since . The Fairbury production cility is located on Bacon Road nd Street near theRock Island Railroad Depot Museumon Fairburys southern edge. Only the highestquality bacon is used to make Fairbury bacon bits, which are processed on stateoftheart, Germanengineered equipment, according to the highest food safety requirements.

June Ah, bacon. Who doesnt love the smell of bacon in the morning, or any time of the day, for that matter?

Fairbury Foods is also the nations largest producer of imitation bacon bits at its secondary location, situated several blocks away, closer to the Fairburydowntown historic district. Imitation bacon bits produced at this cility are made from homegrown soybeans and flavored for a smoky bacon taste. The imitation bacon bits are a healthy and tasty alternative to real bacon bits and have been Certified Kosher by the Greek Orthodox Union. Over million pounds of imitation bacon bits are produced annually in this stateoftheart production cility.Fairbury Foods Makin Bacon SincHusker Foodse