foodsAmid struggles TreeHouse Foods taps former Smucker exec as new CEO

Steve Oakland, , former president of Smuckers U.S. food and beverage business, will take over as TreeHouses new president and CEO on March , TreeHouse announced Monday. Like other processed food companies, TreeHouse has ced challenges in recent years as consumers increasingly buy fresh food at the perimeter of grocery stores instead of the center store aisles.

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Steve Oakland, , former president of Smuckers U.S. food and beverage business, will take over as TreeHouses new president and CEO on March . Elan Photography

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TreeHouse, which makes storebrand food products like cereal, snack bars and other products, is in the process of a multiyear costcutting plan. It will have shut down production lines by the end of this year, the company has said.

Steve Oakland, , former president of Smuckers U.S. food and beverage business, will take over as TreeHouses new president and CEO on March .

Amid struggles, TreeHouse Foods taps former Smucker exec as new CEO

The companys stock was up more than percent to almost per share in early Monday morning trading after the news of Oaklands hire. Thats still less than half of what it was worth in July at per share.

Proposed development along trail highlights tension over rising rents and home prices

TreeHouse Foods, the Oak Brookbased private label food company, is hoping a former J.M. Smucker Co. executive can lead the company out of its recent struggles.

No company is better positioned than TreeHouse to capitalize on the growing importance of private label in todays dynamic retail landscape, which is a credit to Sam Reed and his vision, Oakland said in the news release. The initiatives that Sam and the team have put in place are the right ones, and I look forward to hitting the ground running to improve our execution and performance in the near term, while assessing the longterm strategic drivers of the portfolio.

Oakland will replace Chairman and CEO Sam Reed, who was serving as president after the abrupt departure of Robert Aiken, the companys president and chief operating officer, in November. Reed will continue as nonexecutive chairman until July , at which point he will retire from the company, according to the TreeHouse news release.foodsAmid struggles TreeHouse Foods taps former Smucker exec as new CEO

nebraska sportsA little tight? Nebraska could end horse massage licensing Odessa American Sports

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Nati Harnik Posted Tuesday, March , pm

In this March , photo, Wakema, a yearold horse, raises her rear leg by reflex during an equine body work session by Jane Fucinaro in Blair, Neb. A bill introduced by Nebraska state Sen. Mike Groene of North Platte, proposes to exempt equine massage practitioners from state job licensing requirements. Under the current law, equine massage practitioners must have a massage therapist license or work under veterinary oversight. AP Photo/Nati Harnik

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FRISCO UTPB had used two strong secondhalf efforts during the Lone Star Conference Tournament to cruise to the final.

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A little tight? Nebraska could end horse massage licensing Odessa American Sports

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A little tight? Nebraska could end horse massage licensing


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BOISE, Idaho AP A federal judge says Idaho cant bar transgender people from changing the listed on their birth certificates.

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Having a pet is a lot of responsibility, and well help by giving you lots of tips and tricks!More>nebraska sportsA little tight? Nebraska could end horse massage licensing Odessa American Sports

best foods for your heart

Nutritionists recommend eating a variety of healthy foods instead of focusing on a few

A key component of the Mediterranean diet is the use of olive oil for cooking and for dressing salads and vegeles in place of more saturated ts, such as butter.

Those in the study who benefited most also closely followed the National Heart, Lung and Blood InstitutesDASH diet, which stands for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension. Its premise is Eat more veggies, fruits and lowt dairy foods while cutting way back on any food high in saturated t, and limit your intake of salt.

It may seem odd to include dairy in a list of top hearthealthy foods, but it turns out that milk, cheese and yogurt can help reduce blood pressure.

Plus, greens like most vegeles are full of fiber, which helps lower cholesterol levels, prevents constipation and therefore hemorrhoids and, by helping you feel full, helps with weight control. And of course, maintaining a healthy weight is a key to good heart health.

Other grains, such as rye, wheat and sorghum, contain betaglucans but in much smaller quantities than oats and barley.Betaglucans are also foundin seaweed, bakers yeast and various species of mushrooms such as reishi, shiitake and maitake.

You can make healthy foods unhealthy depending on how you cook them, Drayer said. For example, if you deepfry fish, all the unhealthy saturated or trans t can outweigh the hearthealthy benefits. Ideally, you want to broil, bake, grill or poach but in water, not in oil. Oil will contribute lots of extra calories. If a menu doesnt specify, ask how the fish is poached.

Studies have shown that eating less than a cup of legumes improvedblood pressure, and arandomized controlled trialfound that obese subjects who ate two servings a day of legumes and four servings of whole grains reduced their waist circumference, weight, triglycerides and blood pressure.

Correction A previous version of this story misstated where betaglucans are absorbed in the body.

The DASH meal plan includes three wholegrain products each day, four to six servings of vegeles, four to six servings of fruit, two to four servings of dairy products and several servings each of lean meats and nuts/seeds/legumes.

Best diets ranking puts keto last, DASH first

There are some foods fortified with EPA and DHA omegas, added registered dietitianRahaf Al Bochi,a spokeswoman for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Some of them are eggs, milk, juices, peanut butter and margarine spreads.

Already eating a healthy diet? Be sure to add avocadoes once a day. Astudypublished in the Journal of the American Heart Association found that replacing saturated t with one nutrientpacked avocado a day could lead to up to a . milligramsperdeciliter reduction in blood pressure. That could be enough to keep some people off blood pressure meds, researchers say.

Greens have minimal calories One cup of spinach or Swiss chard is only calories, and kale has . Nutritionists say its usually best to get your calcium, magnesium and potassium from foods instead of supplements, so pile that plate high.

Which food groups have the most science behind their hearthealthy claims?

Legumes contain no cholesterol and are only about t unless they are prepared with lard or other unhealthy ts. They are full of iron, manganese, copper, B vitamins, magnesium, zinc and phosphorous, and they are very low on the glycemic index, which means they have less effect on your blood sugar. They are also extremely high in protein; for example, a halfcup of some legumes has grams of protein.

Thats not all. Beets and their juice are one of the only sources of betalain, a powerful antioxidant with high antiinflammatory qualities, which has sparked research into how beets could be used to treat diseases caused by chronic inflammation, such asarthritiscancerandheart ilure.

Olive oil is rich in monounsaturated tty acids and has been shown to reduce blood pressure and both bad cholesterol and triglycerides while increasing good cholesterol.

A New Year, new food resolution Meatless one day a week

HDL is often called the friendly scavenger because it scours the blood for bad cholesterol and gets rid of it before it clogs arteries. Thats why having high levels of HDL is considered good for the heart.

Longchain omegas have been shown in human clinical trials to prevent heart attacks by helping the heart maintain its rhythm.Studiesshow that they also make blood less likely to clot, lower blood pressure, keep blood vessels healthy and less likely to narrow, reduce triglycerides and lower inflammation. Whew!

Heart UK says you can replace one of those oat servings with grams ⅔ cup of cooked pearl barley.

Can apple cider vinegar help with weight loss?

If you feel like there is a superfood that you want to incorporate on a daily basis, say oats or salmon, thats OK, Drayer said, but I really feel that eating a variety of healthy foods is best, because youre getting a different nutrient package with each.

Some ways to help reduce the amount of sodium in your

Be aware that most fortified foods have afractionof the omegas of tty fish and may be the shorterchain variety.

Salad greens, spinach, kale, swiss chard, collard and mustard greens arerichin vitamins A, C, E and K and contain antioxidants that help rid toxins from the body. But its theirabundanceof calcium, magnesium and potassium that puts them on the top list for heart health.

The cell walls of oats and barley contain a special of soluble fiber called betaglucan, which has a host of benefits for human health.Studies show thatit blunts the bodys insulin response and boosts immunity, and it may be protective during radiation and chemotherapy. But its its role in cholesterol reduction that counts for heart health.

Eating the Mediterranean diet may lead to a longer life

CNNKeeping your heart healthy is about more than avoiding st food and overly processed chow. You can also pump up your hearts health by choosing foods that will help reduce cholesterol, lower blood pressure and reduce inflammation.

Though to a lesser extent than longchain omegas, Drayer said, alpha linolenic acid ALA a shortchain omega found in walnuts and flaxseed and canola oil has been associated with protection against high blood pressure and heart disease.

Mediterranean diet linked to lower risk of heart attack, stroke

In astudyby Boston University, researchers followed the eating habits of , people for up to years and found that women who ate yogurt at least five times a week had a reduction in their risk of developing high blood pressure. Milk and cheese also had an impact on lowering blood pressure, but it was nothing like yogurt, said the researchers.

Ultraprocessed foods linked to increased cancer risk

Oats, salmon and dark leafy greens are just some of the most hearthealthy foods

The plantbased omegas in foods like flaxseed, walnuts and canola oil dont contain DHA and EPA, Drayer said. And while there are benefits to the plant ones as well, you cant count on them as a source for their longerchain cousins, because they are not necessarily converted into them once they are in the body.

The shorter chain of omega, called alphalinolenic acid ALA, is found abundantly in oils, plants, nuts and seeds, but evidence of its benefit is not as strong.

But keep in mind that all nuts are extremely high in calories. So an American Heart Associationrecommended servingis going to seem tiny about ½ ounces or lespoons of nut butter. Beware of the added salt, sugar or chocolate that is so appealing on nuts not good for heart health.

Potassium, magnesium and calcium are known to play a role in blood pressure regulation, said Al Bochi, who specializes in helping patients with Type diabetes who are at high risk for heart disease.

See the latest news and share your comments with CNN Health onFacebookandTwitter.

The other thing I worry about is when people focus on one food, they may think that is their key to good health and eat more unhealthy foods, Drayer added. For example, some people say, I eat a lot of kale, so Im healthy, and they dont pay attention to the rest of their diet. No one food can undo damage from an unhealthy diet.

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One caveat Most people eat canned version of beans and other legumes, which will be packed with salt as a preservative. Salt, of course, can raise blood pressure.

No hearthealthy list would be complete without legumes, which include all kinds of beans, lentils, chickpeas and blackeyed peas.

Unsalted seeds and nuts are also high in potassium, magnesium and other minerals known to reduce blood pressure.

Youre getting the combination of benefits by consuming these foods because they do offer more than one hearthealthy nutrient, Drayer said.

Dairy products contain calcium, potassium and magnesium, which are important minerals to help with blood pressure control, Al Bochi said.

Make sure that you rinse the excess salt and water before consuming, Al Bochi said. And its not just beans and lentils. Whether its canned corn, canned peas, carrots, any of canned food, its important to remove the salt.

Foods that can suppress appetite, aid weight loss

Fish oils, especially omega tty acids, are critical for maintaining a healthy heart. That means tty fish such as salmon, albacore tuna, mackerel, herring, lake trout and sardines and crustaceans such as lobster, oysters and squid are the protein staples of a hearthealthy diet. They all contain healthprotective omegas, specifically the longchain variety known as LC omega, which contain eicosapentaenoic acid EPA, docosapentaenoic acid DPA and docosahexaenoic acid DHA.

Betaglucans bind to bile acids and cholesterol in the intestines and prevent their absorption into the body, CNN contributor and registered dietitianLisa Drayersaid. So, if you have high cholesterol, it would be a good idea to incorporate oats or oatmeal for breakst on a regular basis.

Dairy products can contain a high amount of saturated t, so be sure to choose lowt products, Al Bochi said. Saturated t has been known to increase LDL cholesterol, the bad cholesterol that can cause heart disease.

Research shows that eating grams of betaglucans a day will reduce cholesterol by up to .According to Heart UK, a British charity dedicated to helping those with high cholesterol, you can accomplish by eating a bowl of oatmeal each day; adding lespoons of oat bran to your smoothie, soup or entree at lunch; and having an oatmeal cookie for a snack.

Though the study didnt track the of yogurt eaten, experts stress choosing lowt versions.

Walnuts, pecans, almonds, flaxseed, macadamia nuts and hazelnuts are also good choices. Walnuts are especially high in omegas but are the shortchain variety. Still, thats good for the heart.

However, Drayer says, be careful how you prepare your catch.

Fatty fish likesalmonhave the most longchain omegas, and the American Heart Associationrecommendsadding a ½ounce serving to your diet at least twice a week. Children and pregnant women should be careful to consume fish with lower levels of mercury, the association says, such as fresh and waterpacked canned salmon.

Regardless of how it works, olive oil is extremely high in calories. It should be used in moderation and as a replacement for more unhealthy ts in the diet.

Monounsaturated tty acids are a mainstay of the Mediterranean diet, which has been shown to improveheart healthandbrain health, lower risk forbreast cancerand increaselongevity.

Studiesonpistachios, for example, find that the nut can reduce blood vessel tightening called peripheral vascular resistance, heart rate, blood pressure and cholesterol. According toone study, a single helping a day was better at lowering blood pressure than two helpings.

Finally, a hearthealthy diet should just be part of an overall hearthealthy plan that includes exercise, weight loss, stress reduction and not smoking.

diet is to limit the amount of processed foods, the amount of frozen dinners, for example, as well as adding salt to foods yourself, Al Bochi said. Consider using some herbs and spices as well as fresh lemon and vinegar to add some flavor to your meals.

Mediterranean diet may be more helpful than statins

Unless your doctor says otherwise, part of a hearthealthy diet is watching your salt intake. The hidden salt in many of our processed foods make it extremely difficult Its estimated that Americans get up to of the salt in their diet from processed foods. The American Heart Association has a list of some of the top offenders, called the Salty Six breads and rolls, cold cuts and cured meats, sandwiches, pizza, soup and chicken.

In the Boston study, men and women who had a higher DASH score and who ate yogurt five or more times each week were less likely to develop hypertension than participants who had low DASH scores and ate little yogurt.

If you never eat fish, you might consider a fishoil supplement because of all the research on omegas benefits for heart and brain health, Drayer said.

So instead of having regular spread on your toast, you can add something to your diet that has an added heart benefit, Drayer said. Why not give yourself an added edge?

Potassium is known to help with limiting the effects of sodium on blood pressure, she explained, And it, along with magnesium and calcium, help the walls of the blood vessels relax, which increases blood flow and reduces blood pressure.

Arecent studyof Spanish men and women at high risk for cardiovascular events sheds some light on how the higher HDL from olive oil might work. Researchers compared people who ate a Mediterranean diet based on nuts and a group based on olive oil. The group who ate more olive oil had betterfunctioning HDL; in other words, their HDL was more efficient at finding and removing LDL and sending it to the liver as waste.

Legumeshelp the heartbecause of their high levels of soluble fiber, which is known to lower both cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the bloodstream.

Men in the study consumed much less yogurt than the women; the effect on their blood pressure was weaker.

Soluble fiber binds to extra LDL cholesterol in the body and disposes it in the form of waste, Al Bochi said. You can think of it as a of sponge.

A surprising choice? Beets turn out to be chock full of nitric oxide, whichstudiesshow can help open blood vessels and therefore lower your blood pressure. In ct, asmall studyof Australian men and women found that drinking grams about ½ cups of beet juice significantly lowered systolic blood pressure the top number in a blood pressure reading within six hours.

Avocados are a rich source of monounsaturated tty acids, which canlowerboth your total cholesterol and your bad cholesterol LDL while maintaining your good cholesterol HDL levels. They can also benefitinsulin control, which can be very helpful to those with prediabetes or Type diabetes.

No. on the heart healthy list may seem odd, but its important. Experts say that rather than focusing on just one or two of the heart healthy foods, you would be better served to eat a wellrounded diet that focuses on healthy foods of all s and s.

Husker recruit Wildeman and others in limhuskers emailbo but optimistic about future

Husker recruit Wildeman and others in limhuskers emailbo but optimistic about future The Lincoln Journal Star, P Street Lincoln, NE

Lincolns history comes to life through powerful photos in new book

Its not as though the Huskers class hasnt suffered attrition.

Coach Bob Diaco, Coach John Parrella and Coach Riley, loved them all and we were very close, Wildeman said. But I feel like I definitely committed to the university. Ive looked other places and I really cant find anywhere else that compares. Its just very special playing in front of , people every single game and them knowing your name. I dont think theres really a better feeling out there.

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Could it help the next coachs odds of keeping some of the outofstate members on board if he retained either or both of wide receivers coach Keith Williams and cornerbacks coach Donte Williams? Quite possibly. And would Wildeman love for Parrella to be back? Of course. Time will tell on that front. Another development to keep in mind Schools can hire a th fulltime assistant beginning Jan. . Some will almost certainly use that spot creatively as it pertains to recruiting just one month before National Signing Day on Feb. .

Husker Extra live updates Tannor, Washington, Hunt highlight Signing Day for Huskers

They couldnt say much, because they dont know exactly whats going to happen, either, but they also believe, like I said, that I committed to the university and not just the coaching staff, Wildeman said. I truly fell in love with Lincoln.

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Photos Husker football staff on the recruiting class

For instance, Moore and his brother, fourstar safety and Texas AM verbal pledge Jordan, are both committed to schools that have fired their coaches in the past week.

Ive never talked to Scott Frost, but Ive heard hes an incredible man, Wildeman said. UCF started kind of one of their recruiting guys followed me on Twitter. I know he and defensive coordinator Erik Chinander run an aggressive, defense, which would put me in a place to succeed, which would be nice. Whoever it is, Im sure hell be the right man for the job.

For the Huskers this week, thats certainly not the worst way to live.

Frost, Huskers aimed for maximum talent, but also addressed needs

UNL acknowledges concerns about white supremacist student

Frost says, Only a couple of places in the whole country he would coach

Parker joined the Journal Star as the University of Nebraska football beat writer in August . He previously covered Montana State athletics for the Bozeman Daily Chronicle and graduated from the University of Wisconsin in .

When you consider Nebraskas alltime toughest offensive linemen, Dominic Raiola quickly springs to mind.

From that group, only Alstons primary recruiter interim head coach Trent Bray is still employed by NU at the moment. It will be up to the next head coach, widely expected to be Central Floridas Scott Frost, whether to hire back any of the previous assistants.

Its definitely a weird feeling and you kind of just feel left in limbo, I guess, Wildeman told the Journal Star on Monday night. But you know, I believe that Nebraska athletic director Bill Moos is going to hire the best man for the job, whoever that may be. Im just staying very optimistic through it.

Naturally, players forge relationships with the coaches who recruit them.

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As coaching searches rage elsewhere, Huskers riding out week on seemingly calm waters

That came before the end of the regular season and Rileys dismissal when fourstar defensive backs Brendan RadleyHiles and Chase Williams decommitted on Oct. and Nov. , respectively.

Recruiting reset A look at the Huskers position as National Signing Day approaches

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Driving for Why Frost never was fulltime Husker assistant; and Pettits empathy for Riley

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Beatrice tight end Cameron Jurgens took an official visit to LSU over the weekend, but is still publicly committed to the Huskers.

Email notifications are only sent once a day, and only if there are new matching items.

Several NU verbal commits did not return messages left this week, but each is in a slightly different situation.

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Tate Wildeman left of Legend High School in Colorado chats with Mike Riley during Friday Night Lights camp on June at Memorial Stadium.

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News on the Nebraska recruiting front has been relatively quiet since Saturday morning when Mike Riley and most of his coaching staff were fired.

Cloudy. Snow showers developing this afternoon. High F. Winds N at to mph. Chance of snow ..

Frost has deep ties to UCF assistants, budding recruiting reputation in Florida

Theres one last ctor potentially already working in the Huskers vor. A certain Wood River native has a pretty good reputation, even for kids like Wildeman who have never met him or talked to him.

Relive the glory of the Huskers National Championship and Tom Osbornes final season as head coach through amazing photographs from the Lincoln Journal Star.

Fourstar Lees Summit, Missouri, athlete Mario Goodrich, fourstar receivers Joshua Moore Yoakum, Texas and Cameron Brown St. Louis, and threestar outside linebacker David Alston Woodbury, Minnesota are still committed, but there is more uncertainty with them.

Dotting the is and crossing the ts Nuggets and tidbits from Signing Day

Wildeman has continued to hear from Bray and NU associate director of player personnel Todd McShane and said he has also heard from Parrella since Saturday.

Mainly cloudy with snow showers around this evening. Low F. Winds NW at to mph. Chance of snow . About one inch of snow expected.

Omaha Skutts Jackson Gordon and Jarod Epperson tackle Yorks Garrett Snodgrass on Monday during the Class B state final at Memorial Stadium.

York coach Glen Snodgrass told the Journal Star last week that he had talked with both verbal commit Masry Mapieu and Snodgrass son, verbal commit Garrett, about the potential for turnover. Mapieu in particular has interest from other schools, but is thought ultimately to wind up in Lincoln.

Cindy LangeKubick A Husker PSA from the Fractured and the Fragile Scott Frost, Phone Home?

Reporting like this is brought to you by a staff of experienced local journalists committed to telling the stories of your community.

Contact the writer r . On Twitter HuskerExtraPG.

Huskers shut out of defensive allconference picks; Brown leads special teams honorable mentions

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Frost addresses Nebraska job When the time is right, decision will be made

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Tate Wildeman left of Legend High School in Colorado chats with Mike Riley during Friday Night Lights camp on June at Memorial Stadium.

Of course, several expressed support and gratitude for Riley after his dismissal. And most, including Parker, Colorado, defensive end Tate Wildeman, do find the situation to be a bit difficult.

Husker Extra TwoMinute drill Winning in the ll and changing body s

Omaha Skutts Jackson Gordon and Jarod Epperson tackle Yorks Garrett Snodgrass on Monday during the Class B state final at Memorial Stadium.

Order your copy of Lincoln Memories, Vol. Our City in Photos From the Early Years Through the s today and save .

There have been no decommitments from NUs nine Class of verbal commitments. No blaring headlines. No big hits.

Slideshow Meet the Husker football recruiting class

Wisconsin, Ohio State top final power rankings

Still, Wildeman is optimistic. Sioux Falls, South Dakota, offensive lineman Will Farniok, younger brother of Huskers redshirt freshman guard Matt, and kicker Barret Pickering Hoover, Alabama seem like good bets to remain in the class.

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Hi guys, Im new to this board so posted it on another board here sorry if it shows up twice, Im just getting the hang of it. Thanks! Im a year old male, with no history in the mily of heart trouble. About a year and a half ago, I awoke with some chest discomfort when breathing; I went down to the bathroom and got light headed, fell and got up; but was sweating a bit. I went into the clinic, and wore a monitor for a month and Id press a button anytime I had the slightest bit of discomfort. I did this and the cardiologist concluded there was no condition related to the heart. Since then however Ive had some minor pains come and go. Often it is a sharp, quick burst of pain in the left part of the chest near the heart; it lasts a second, or might be a series of these quick bursts lasting a minute. Its usually when Im at rest; though today while jogging it came after I had been jogging for minutes. I do exercise daily, and can typically run about to miles or spend an hour on an eliptical machine with no problems. My cholesterol when last checked last year was good; my doctor said it was better than his; and my resting BP is around over to . So all in all the things look fine, but then these pains come and I get very nervous. Ive been in twice, had EKGs and its all normal my GP says its likely nerve endings firing off in the chest area, nothing more. I do also talk to a therapist for anxiety, and the bottom line is these pains still come every so often and I sometimes have a panic attack when they do, thinking its a heart attack or something. I dont want to keep dropping copays and being the nutjob who shows up every week in the doctors office, but I guess is this something I should just ignore or will likely live with for the rest of my life? Any thoughts?

Anger, Heavy Exertion Heading for a Heart Attack?

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Sugar Companies Shifted Focus to Fat as Heart Harm

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Your Your ReplyPost mycontentanonymously without my usernamePut this on my watchlist and alert me by email to new postshusker respondedHello, you are not a nutjob and sound perfectly healthy except for the chest pain. I am a year old male with no heart problem history. I have constant chest/shoulder/neck/back/left arm discomfort. The left arm is tingling. I have had to stop playing basketball and lifting weights. Im not sure what to do? I wonder if its because Im on the computer the entire time? I cant even ll asleep because of the discomfort. Ive had an EKG, chest xray, chest mri, shoulder mri, and nerve conduction test with no carpal tunnel, etc. The EKG and chest xray was done back in January , so I wonder if I need another EKG? Or should I do a stress test with a cardiologist?Thanks for your Reply!therpaul respondedHi husker, Well glad to know Im not the only one out there who has this kind of thing. Im on the computer a lot too; it could be stress; hard to say. My doc seemed to think its simply nerve endings firing off. My EKG was last year and heart monitor thing was in April of , but basically they arent too concerned. It happens to me every so often where I get these sudden bursts of pain, and just freaks me out think of Tweak from South Park and think the worst might be happening. Im guessing if you had it back in January you should just stay in touch with your doc and listen to what he or she tells you; but I dont think the heart would change that much in a short amount of time. He tells me the key is if you are exercising and feel it all of a sudden thats your stress test; for me its almost always at rest; I did notice it today at the end of a run but I think it wasnt related to the workout. Thanks for the feedback though sure causes me a lot of anxiety! PaulThanks for your Reply!JACKIECHAN respondedhi therpaul, I am also new to this message board. I can relate to your chest pain. I am a athletic year old female who also expieriances theese severe chest pains that come and go in seconds that occur mostly at rest. It is a sharp sbing pain. I would get a second opinion if I were you, sugest having a echo done. I have had many ekgs that came out normal, but that didnt mean for me that I didnt have something wrong with my heart. I finally had a dr listen to me and believe me when I told him all my symptoms which include high pulse,chest pain, etc.. He reffered me to a cardioligist who did a echo, and the results were suprising even to my dr. My right atrium is enlaged and I have regurgitation of the aorta. Now they tell me the only cure is open heart surgery.Thanks for your Reply!therpaul respondedThats rough sorry to hear about what the echo found but hopefully you can avoid the surgery. I made an appointment and am talking to another doc tomorrow for his take.Thanks for your Reply!husker respondedHello guys, When I play basketball or do another cardio workout, I am fine but always tightens up when Im done. Ice helps it for a while but then once not numb, the pain comes back. Have you guys ever heard of TOS, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome? I wonder if it could be that? When visiting a cardiologist, should I ask for a stress test or a Echo? I already had an EKG back in January , so do I really need an Echo? Whats the difference? What does the stress test measure by the way? What are some ways I can check at home to ensure its NOT my heart? Are their stretches, positions, etc. that I can try? Also, will food or alchohol affect the area? Best of luck and lets keep talking on here!Thanks for your Reply!husker respondedFatherPaul, Im on the laptop all day. Are there certain stretches I can do,etc.? Also, I went to a neurologist and they said no carpal tunnel? Are there other things he shouldve been looking at? Thanks and take care!Thanks for your Reply!therpaul respondedHi Husker, As r as tests, I have no idea what to recommend Im not a doctor, though I have watched ER. As my handle suggests Im a Catholic priest. My doc said to me your workout is your stress test, meaning if Im running and all of a sudden have chest pressure, thats a sign of a blockage or something. He seems unconcerned, and in my case thinks its just nerves firing off in the chest area. Could be; Im visiting with another one later this morning as I called and left a message with a question and they wanted to see me for an evaluation. Its difficult because I get so concerned about it and am a little, I think, overly fearful. One thing though I think we all have to do is put trust in other people docs have studied up, know the body well, and while it might not be their body and they are a best guess, at a certain point you just have to trust them. The morning run went well today but I did have tingling in my left arm, probably nonheart related though as there was no chest discomfort and Ive been running or doing something else daily for years but my diet is less than ideal so I have to work on that. As r as stretches, etc., what he did in the office was press on the chest a little but there was no discomfort. He also did an EKG. Last year I wore the heart monitor for a month and must have pressed it or so times in that month and they found nothing…so Im not sure what more they can or would do for me. This discussion does help though. Take care, PaulThanks for your Reply!husker respondedHello Fr. Paul, Ive been born and raised Catholic and still practicing my ith to this day. I am glad to hear you are a Catholic Priest! If my issue was heart related, would my neck ache and would my shoulder ache? Also, when I put my arms straight up in the air towards the heavens, I can feel strain in my upper chest/armpit area. One doctor said if I cut out alcohol for a few weeks, he said you can rule out alcohol as a cause. I do not eat tty foods but do drink diet soda and quite a bit of citric acid ie salsa, limes, etc. I wonder what that will do? I am going to try and run this afternoon to check to see if I have the chest pain while running. I am glad to hear your problem could be nerves firing off. I did go to the neurologist and he said things look good. Regarding sleeping at night, what position, etc. do you find works the best? I sleep on my back with about pillows to raise me up a bit. Regarding medications, I am taking mg Ibuprofen and not sure if this is helping or not. Also, if there is a clot or blockage, do you think an aspirin a day would help? This is really starting to consume me and Im getting scared/worried/paranoid, whatever you want to call it… Anybody else want to chime in on this discussion, you are MORE than welcome to. Thanks a ton!Thanks for your Reply!JACKIECHAN respondedHi Husker, I also am no Dr., but considering I do have a life threatening heart condition I have done alot of research on heart disease and tests that can be done to detect heart problems. A stress test is a test done while excercising it shows how your heart reacts under stress. If your symptoms occur while working out, this would be a good test for you in my opinion. If you have symptoms while exerting yourself, experts say this is not a good sign. As r as a echo goes this is also a good test to check for any physical damage to the heart or inproper blood flow. Listen to your body, dont ignore your symptoms you know your body better than any one. If you feel something is wrong there probably is, whether it be minor or major!Thanks for your Reply!therpaul respondedHi Husker, Well like I said I think the best route is to just talk to your doctor and if they recommend a stress test to do that. Exercise puts strain on the heart and works it; so if there is pain then it indicates the heart might be under more pressure and a blockage. But of course your doc is the one to talk to on this. I always sleep on my stomach, and dont think that has affected my condition at all. And as r as meds, I have no idea of that is a good thing or not Ive heard an aspirin a day can help, but again just consult your doc. I too get paranoid and obsess about it its not fun. I went in again today and they did an EKG, listened to my heart and this other doc felt it was nerves firing off and not to worry about it; BP was / or so and pulse was . Our bodies can do odd things, and maybe this is just something I have to live with I know my mom has a lot of chronic pains that come and go. I think you just reach a point where you have to try to trust the doctors but if things get worse make sure to let them know. Glad to hear you are Catholic too its a great Church o Have a good day, PaulThanks for your Reply!husker respondedThanks for all the help guys! The thing is, I am on the computer abuot hours/day… are there tests or certains exercises I can do to make me feel better? For reference, the neurologist said it was NOT carpal tunnel syndrome. Do you think drinking alcohol has been a cause for why I feel this way? Perhaps my arteries are clogged or hardened, what test would check for that? Eating different s of foods doesnt really make it flare up. I havent had a drink of alcohol since Friday night, so why does it hurt so bad now? And if it was truly the heart, would my neck, shoulder, and arm hurt so bad like they do now? Thanks a ton and best of luck to you guys as well. You will all be in my prayers… Take care!Thanks for your Reply!therpaul respondedHi Husker, Hard to say if your artieries have clogging or not probably a good indicator is your last cholesterol count? Again Im no doc, but just keep telling your symptoms to your doc and go with what they say. Thanks for the prayers you will be in mine too! Take care, PaulThanks for your Reply!JACKIECHAN respondedHi Husker, Like I said before I am no Dr., but I do know that if your problems are heart related it is very possible for your neck,shoulder,arm, and even stomach to hurt or have tingling, numb sensations. As a diagnosed heart disease patient I myself have expierianced all theese symptoms, which are heart related symptoms for me. Whether the symptoms you are expierancing are heart related are not is up to your Dr. to decide and futher investigate. Be very thorough when you go to your check ups, whether you feel embarassed or not. Your Dr. only knows as much as you tell him! As r as drinking being the source of your problems, it is very possible! Alcohol can cause permanant damage to your organs, including the heart! Whether your not drinking currently are not, alcohol can have permanent effects on your heart! The only way to be sure what is causing your symptoms is to see your Dr. and go over every detail with him. Sometimes The cause can be unknown. I have yet to find out the cause of my heart disease, but I cant help to think that the damage could of been caused by me! I also used to drink heavily and use drugs, but thanks to the strength God gave me to pull out of all that I no longer drink or use!Thanks for your Reply!

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nebraska football newsNebraska recruiting Recapping National Signing Day for Huskers

nebraska football newsNebraska recruiting Recapping National Signing Day for HuskersTeen subject of nationwide search dies months after being found safe

Stay updated with Nebraska Cornhuskers football recruiting in the latest edition of The Harvest, which posts at p.m. ET Monday through Friday. Be sure to check out previous editions ofThe Harvest here.

After his announcement, Tannor cited that potential for early playing time, the ability to be a passrushing linebacker, and the coaching staff as the primary reasons for choosing Nebraska.

Perhaps Nebraska coach Scott Frost said it best during his news conference Wednesday afternoon.

Thats it for now. Well have a bunch of postmortem content about the class before we completely turn the to the class, so stay tuned.

You dont have to get them all, Frost said while talking about his recruiting philosophy. You just have to get the right ones.

Was Omarosa hospitalized following a Celebrity Big Brother competition?

Willie Canty, a star tackle, also signed with Nebraska. He was an official visitor last weekend and the momentum was all Nebraska from there. The Belle Glade, Fla., native selected the Huskers over Louisville.

Georgia Police Shooting Portrait emerges of Henry County shooter

The postNebraska recruiting Recapping National Signing Day for Huskersappeared first onLand of .

Georgia Police Shooting Portrait emerges of Henry County shooter

Teen subject of nationwide search dies months after being found safe

Sinkhole opens in Texas to reveal footlong cave

Nebraska missed on another cornerback in star prospect Taiyon Palmer N.C. State. That was another expected decision. Finally, Jarrett Bell ended his willheorwonthe dance with Nebraska. The star offensive lineman signed with Arizona State, which hed been trending toward for some time despite being the Huskers top target on the line once recruiting picked up again in January.

Outback server stiffed by church on order loses job over Facebook

Foltynewicz loses arbitration case with Braves

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And for a transition class that will be adjusting to a new scheme, this is as close to getting all the right ones as possible.

Outback server stiffed by church on order loses job over Facebook post

Braves Foltynewicz loses in arbitration, gains a son

Five hours later, star running back Maurice Washington announced for Nebraska. Everyone pretty much saw this coming, especially after a strong official visit last weekend. Washington said he believes in Frost and intends on helping Nebraska return to its winning ways.

A couple of early misses included star cornerback Ken Montgomery Maryland and star defensive tackle Otito Ogbonnia UCLA. The Huskers hosted both for official visits last weekend but couldnt close with either. Both were going to be tough sells, but they would have been useful additions to the class.

The salt in the wound here is that JeanBaptiste will be with a Big Ten rival. Of course, his signing was filled with drama, as his school was closed due to inclement weather and he signed and xed in his letter of intent from a Bergen Catholic N.J. assistant coachs home office.

Missing out on Nebraska recruiting? Check out previous editions ofThe Harvest here.

Braves power solution may lie in doubles, triples

The JeanBaptiste and Tannor situations are intertwined and I find it so interesting. Landing both obviously would have been ideal, but likely too tall of a task. I always thought it was more of an either or situation. I didnt really see a scenario in which neither landed with Nebraska or one in which both signed.

It was pretty much what you expected for Nebraska on Signing Day. The Huskers went for , which was what was predicted. Of course, pulling out a surprise with someone such as Palmer or Ogbonnia would have been great, but the reality is that the staff probably didnt have its hopes too high.

For each gain, there is a loss. That couldnt have been more true for Nebraska on Signing Day.

The day was bookended by good news, with Tannor kicking it off and star wide receiver Andre Hunt ending it. Hunt became the th member of the class when he announced on FOX Sports West during the late afternoon.

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Maybe I can be the ce of the program and we can go win a [national championship], Washington said during an interview with ESPN following his announcement.

While landing Tannor was huge, it became pivotal when Javontae JeanBaptiste signed with Ohio State. The Huskers had been in the lead for JeanBaptiste down the stretch, but that changed early in the week. By Tuesday, the Huskers were out of it, despite lastminute efforts.

Nebraska not having any question marks with the commitments they had secured before Wednesday was a plus. All six of those commits signed without drama. That was big because it allowed the staff to focus on finishing out the class rather than devoting time to holding commits.

In between those two pivotal announcements, the Huskers made solid additions at cornerback and tackle. Cam Taylor, a star athlete, signed with Nebraska. The Huskers had been the vorite, but there was fear a late offer from Auburn could make things interesting on Signing Day. Instead, he stuck with his gut and signed the work instead of holding out.

The Huskers also signed all six of their commits on Wednesday star safety Camron Jones, star defensive end Casey Rogers, star athlete Miles Jones, star wide receiver Dominick Watt, star cornerback Braxton Clark and star safety C.J. Smith.

The first win of the day was the first announcement involving the Huskers, when star outside linebacker Caleb Tannor announced his signing with Nebraska. He began trending toward the Huskers this week and that came to fruition early Wednesday. In Tannor, Nebraska gains a pass rusher who could make a quick impact.

Outback server stiffed by church on order loses job over Facebook

Nebraska recruitinebraska football newsng rankings Where the Huskers class ranks natio

Atlanta weather radar Where is the storm now?

Teen subject of nationwide search dies months after being found safe

Teen subject of nationwide search dies months after being found safe

Foltynewicz loses arbitration case with Braves

Sinkhole opens in Texas to reveal footlong cave

For more con, the Huskers class ranked th in the country and fourth in the Big . average player rating, while the class ranked th overall and ninth in the Big .

Outback server stiffed by church on order loses job over Facebook

myAJC Explore Exclusive Digital Extras and More

Nebraska recruiting rankings Where the Huskers class ranks nationally, in conference

All data is from the Sports composite rankings.

That no longer is the case. The Huskers ranked fourth in the Big Ten at the end of Signing Day.

Georgia Police Shooting Portrait emerges of Henry County shooter

Not long after Scott Frost and his staff took over at Nebraska, the Huskers class ranked th in the country.

The Huskers have the top class in the Big Ten West and are three spots ahead of Minnesota, which sits at No. in the conference.

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As of late Wednesday, Nebraskas class ranked No. in the nation. Tennessee, which Nebraska has battled on the recruiting trail the last couple months, finished at No. . Michigan finished just ahead of the Huskers at No. and North Carolina finished at No. .

A couple of months can make all the difference in the world.

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The class is important to look at because that was the most recent transition class, which is when a coaching change occurs after the season. For obvious reasons, it serves as a good comparison for this years class. By those standards, Frost and his staff excelled mightily.

Georgia Police Shooting Portrait emerges of Henry County shooter

Braves Foltynewicz loses in arbitration, gains a son

The postNebraska recruiting rankings Where the Huskers class ranks nationally, in conferenceappeared first onLand of .

National Signing Day has come and gone for Nebraska football. Overall, the Huskers signed four uncommitted prospects and all six of their commitments on National Signing Day. That leaves the Huskers with members in its recruiting class.

When Nebraskas class was bottoming out in early December, the Huskers sat dead last in the Big Tens recruiting standings.

As you can see, Nebraskas final rankings are consistent with the results of the last decade, save for a few outliers.

Lets find out how this crop of prospects stacks up compared to the rest of the nation and the Big Ten.

Outback server stiffed by church on order loses job over Facebook post

Outback server stiffed by church on order loses job over Facebook

Was Omarosa hospitalized following a Celebrity Big Brother competition?

Nebraska recruiting rankings Where the Huskers class ranks nationally, in conference

Nebraska football mailbag With National Signing Day over whatnebraska football news

Georgia Police Shooting Portrait emerges of Henry County shooter

Sinkhole opens in Texas to reveal footlong cave

How many commit do we have in the class ? Are they any recruits from out of state beside in state prospect ?

Outback server stiffed by church on order loses job over Facebook

Im sure Frost doesnt feel the roster is perfect yet. Theres work that has yet to be done, but this was a step in the right direction for stocking a roster with skill players to fit Frosts system.

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Teen subject of nationwide search dies months after being found safe

Was Omarosa hospitalized following a Celebrity Big Brother competition?

Have Nebraska football questions? Weve got answers. Join us every Wednesday for theLand of Nebraska mailbagto talk all things Huskers. This week, we discuss the recruiting class, Nebraskas walkon class and more.

Rick Jones RjonesFebruary ,

Have a question about Nebraska football? Tweet , and well try to answer your question in a future mailbag. Check to see if your question already was answered by reading previous Nebraska football mailbagshere.

Nebraska football mailbag With National Signing Day over, whats next for Huskers?

Scott daiss SdaissFebruary ,

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We got the guys we wanted for the most part at those positions and feel great about what we got. Going forward, well be able to balance the roster and fix the positions wed like to have, but this year with the short amount of time, it was about getting the best players we could get.

Frost saw some glaring holes in the roster when he arrived in December, and those were primarily at defensive back and receiver. And on Signing Day, he made it clear that he was going to recruit the best players he could whether they were at skill positions or not.

Its not a done deal either way for Nebraska, but the Huskers only can control their own te at this point. For now, keep winning and the odds of landing a tournament bid will continue to increase.

Teen subject of nationwide search dies months after being found safe

Looking through the list, you have players such as linebacker Anthony Banderas of Southwest High School in Lincoln. He is the younger brother of former Nebraska linebacker Josh Banderas. You also have quarterback Matt Masker of Kearney Neb. Catholic, who decided to walkon at Nebraska over offers from South Dakota State and some FCS programs. Ryan Schommer, an outside linebacker from Norfolk Neb. High School, was also a big get for Nebraska. He hadalways dreamed of playingfor the Huskers. And those are obviously only a few of many on the list.

Braves Foltynewicz loses in arbitration, gains a son

I think we wanted to introduce more this year to get the ball rolling, Frost said. We want to make sure we have the right guys in the program, the right walkons in the program and guys that we feel like can eventually be on the field and help this football team. Thats what has happened at Nebraska in the past, and I want that to happen again.

cedrick ceballos cedestasFebruary ,

Foltynewicz loses arbitration case with Braves

Rob Lori Files rflfFebruary ,

Nebraska added an impressive group of walkon commits to its recruiting class. You can seethe full list here. The class is large one, and probably a little larger than most walkon classes typically would be. Frost addressed that on Wednesday, saying a larger walkon class was important in the short term.

Once recruits start visiting Lincoln, Frost and his staff will be able to show them what Nebraska is all about. Add inthe soldout spring game,and the Huskers are in a perfect position to gain some momentum with the recruiting class in the next couple of months.

Outback server stiffed by church on order loses job over Facebook

Nebraska currently has two players committed in the recruiting class. Those two are star outside linebacker Garrett Nelson from Scottsbluff, Neb., and star athlete Garrett Snodgrass from York, Neb. As you noted, both are instate prospects.

If the Huskers keep winning, theres a chance of being selected for the NCAA Tournament. It also doesnt hurt that when teams Nebraska has played win or lose improve their own RPI. For example, despite Nebraska losing to St. Johns, the Red Storm have jumped up spots in the RPI and isnow considered a Tier gamefor the Huskers. Those changes help a lot.

Aaron Drury AaronEADruryFebruary ,

myAJC Explore Exclusive Digital Extras and More

Does Nebraska have enough skill positions player to run Scott Frosts offense?

Atlanta weather radar Where is the storm now?

Georgia Police Shooting Portrait emerges of Henry County shooter

The postNebraska football mailbag With National Signing Day over, whats next for Huskers?appeared first onLand of .

You know what we have to talk about kids in Florida, Texas and other places on what their perception of Lincoln, Neb., is, Frost said. I think the perception out there is this is a football stadium in the middle of a cornfield and its always cold. I cant tell you how many kids when I met with them on Sunday after their official visits told me this is nothing like they thought it was going to be like. So its going to be important for us to get kids to campus.

While both committed players are from Nebraska, the Huskershave offers outto recruits in the class. Those recruits come from all over, including Texas, Florida and California. As for getting those outofstate prospects to commit, coach Scott Frost said it best on Signing Day visits to Lincoln and the campus are key.

Will you switch allegiances from Chipotle to Torchys???.

When youre taking over a team, theres a lot of needs, Frost said. We didnt want to focus on one position with the short amount of time we had. We just wanted to take the best players. So there might be one or two positions when we took more than we wanted and a couple positions where we would have liked another guy to fill out a roster spot, but in general we feel good about every player we got. There were some glaring needs. We needed a young quarterback. Our depth and the numbers at receivers and defensive back were nowhere near the number that wed like to carry. So we definitely needed to get some guys in the defensive backfield and out wide on offense.

Outback server stiffed by church on order loses job over Facebook post

With that said, Nebraska added wide receivers in the recruiting class. You could even add a fifth in athlete Miles Jones, as hes expected to be utilized at both running back and wide receiver. The Huskers also have two running backs and a third, again dependent on Jones and a slew of other skill athletes.

Nebraska football mailbag With National Signing Day over, whats next for Huskers?

My big takeaway from this walkon class after speaking with many of them is that they sincerely believe in what Frost wants to build at Nebraska. Many decided to stay instate, pay their own way and work for a scholarship over other potential offers elsewhere. That says something. I think youll find quite a few of these walkon commits on scholarship down the road and contributing in key positions for Nebraska.Nebraska football mailbag With National Signing Day over whatnebraska football news

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